2012 Under Armour So Cal Classic - Scouting Blog
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Justin Roswell
Team One Baseball

Under Armour So Cal Classic - Tournament Schedule

* PLEASE NOTE:  Players that are written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) or skill(s).  While we do not keep stats, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. 

**Scouting blog last updated Wednesday, October 31, 2012 @ 1:52:32 PM Eastern Time


ASD Bulldogs

Howsley, Tyler | SS/RHP | 6/165 | R/R | 2013 | Capistrano Valley HS
Athletic, soft hands, quiet feet, quick release with good carry, good rhythm at the plate, strike zone awareness, on the mound was 84-87, good run, downhill plane, Keith Foulke type release

Sebade, Brett | C | 6'3/170 | L/R | 2013 | Aliso Niguel HS
Tall, lean, 1.99 - 2.04 pop times, soft hands, quiet feet, good carry on throws, gap to gap approach, barrels ball, good bat speed, good rhythm and launch at the plat

Stowell, Dylan | RHP | 6'2/180 | R/R | 2013 | Capistrano Valley HS
Tall, lean, easy arm stroke, clean mechanics, solid delivery, good body control, balanced 84-86mph

Blue Wave Baseball

Czemeres, Josh | RHP | 6'4/190 | R/R | 2013 | Yorba Linda HS
Tall, lanky, 3/4 ar, slot, good low 80's fastball, fills up the zone

Vetrovec, Shaun | 3B/OF | 6'1/175 | R/R | 2014 | Newport Harbor HS
Good frame, solid line drive approach, gap power, good speed

Walker, Ryan | OF | 5'10/165 | R/R | 2014 | Los Alamitos HS
Good frame, smooth swing, fence power, good speed on the bases

DeMarini Elite

Dominguez, Aaron | RHP | 2014 | Chino HIlls HS
Big, athletic frame, high 80's fastball, commands both sides of the plate, easy arm action, good tempo, confident approach to hitters

Fuentes, Izzy | SS | 6/180 | R/R | 2014 | Chino Hills HS
Athletic, good balance, plate discipline, good oppo approach, smooth actions, soft hands

Gnesda, Tyler | 1b/C | 2013 | Capo Valley HS
Strong top to bottom, powerful lower half, great pullside power, high baseball IQ, balanced approach, soft hands, moves well laterally at 1B

Grebeck, Austin | OF/RHP | 2013 | Mater Dei HS
Short, quick arm action, 83-86mph, good downhill plane with arm side run, sharp slider, good pace, throws strikes, will challenge hitters, quiet load, good power to all fields, covers a lot of ground, very athletic, plus arm

Hahn, Wyatt | RHP | 2013 | Mission Viejo HS
Repeatable delivery, throws strikes down in the zone, good feel and depth for curveball, 83-86mph

Mildenberg, Tyler | 3B/2B | 2013 | Marina HS
Wide stance, very strong to all fields, extremely quick movements, explosive speed, great baseball instincts, power through the alleys

Perez, Brandon | SS | 6/170 | R/R | 2015 | Mater Dei HS
Flashed pullside power, stays inside well, good balance through his swing, strong lower half, quick hands

Zill, Jarred | RHP | 6/175 | R/R | 2014 | Capistrano Valley HS
Big, tall, long levers, strike thrower, good balance, in line with target, 83 - 84mph

Fresno Blue Jays

Bos, Tanner | 1B/3B | 6'2/230 | R/R| 2013 | Clovis East HS
Big body, strong, raw power, smooth feet, works around bag well, good rhythm, clean load

Munguia, Anthony | C | 5'8/190 | R/R | 2015 | Edison HS
Stocky build, clean glovework, direct with feet, clean transfer, raw power, Pudge Rodriguez comp

Turney, Tyler | OF | 5'11/150 | R/R | 2015 | Edison HS
Thin frame, wiry strength, good speed on bases, balanced stance, quick hands, strength in wrists, good pop to all fields

Hoots Baseball

Pickett, Will | 2B | 6'2/185 | R/R | 2015 | Amador HS
Big, strong, still growing, shows ability to hit to all fields with power through the gaps, projects at 3B, solid arm strength

JG Baseball

Armijo, Lawrence | C | 5'9/175 | R/R | 2013 | Summit HS
Athletic stance, plus strength in lower body, soft stride, quick hands, line drive power to all fields, hard contact to the middle of the field, quick transfer, good extension on throws, 1.99 - 2.13, centers well, very active, quick to recover

Lamorinda Monarchs

Scott, Kyle | LHP | 6'1/150 | L/L | 2015 | Cardinal Newman HS
Tall, lanky, good late movement, 82-83mph, 12/6 curveball, changes speeds well, can throw breaking ball in all counts

Skinner, Ben | SS | 5'8/150 | R/R | 2015 | Campolinda HS
Athletic body, strong lower half, good body control, balanced stance, good bat speed, explosive to the ball, line drive gap to gap power, quick fluid actions, solid glove

Lidle Baseball

Carrillo, Lorenzo | UTL | 6/180 | R/R | 2014 | Charter Oak HS
Thick build, athletic, flashes range, smooth actions, good rhythm, gap to gap approach

Oriti , Kollby | 3B | 6'2/185 | R/R | 2013 | Northview HS
Tall, lean, strong arm, clean movements, high energy, leader, uses lower half well, aggressive swing, good extension, good barrel awareness

Orona, Elias | OF | 6'1/170 | R/R | 2014 | San Dimas HS
Athletic, good range, good first step, takes good angles, short compact swing, aggressive on the bases, good speed

Marucci Dirtdogs

Fulkerson, Bobby | INF | 5'11/175 | L/R | 2015 | Servite HS
Stocky build, clean load, short to ball and long through extension, gap to gap power, good plate discipline, smooth actions, flashes range

Goodwin, James | C | 6'4/200 | R/L | 2015 | Sonora HS
Strong, big, broad, shoulders, big legs, blocks well, good arm, strong launch position, above average bat speed, gap to gap power

Vasquez, Robert | C/3B | 5'10/175 | R/R | 2015 | Servite HS
Athetic build, quick feet, smooth transfer, good rhythm, short and copmpact stroke, good extension, above average speed, leader on the field,

Murrieta Valley Hurricanes

Johnson, Jesse | SS | 5'9/170 | R/R | 2014 | Norco HS
Athletic, lean body, prototypical 2B, good body control and footwork, shows good bat speed, barrel accelerates through the zone, shows late strength with wrists, throws hips, athletic on bases with good foot speed

McLellan, James | 3B/1B | R/R | 2014 | Vista Murrieta HS
Solid frame, agile, smooth actions in the field, good carry on throws, good bat speed, home run power

Orneles, Ruben | 3B/OF | 6'1/175 | R/R | 2014 | Vista Murrieta HS
Athletic body, broad shoulders, strong lower half, shows good pre-pitch, active feet, good lateral reactions, solid glove, plus late carry on throws, has short arm stroke with good extension, loose hands in stance, tracks well, shows balanced middle approach

Padlo, Kevin | SS | 6'2/175 | R/R | 2014 | Murrieta Valley HS
Broad shoulders, uses levers in box, short and direct, hits on top of the ball with backspin, uses all fields, simple and effecient approach

NorCal ABD

Angulo, Mike | 3B/OF | 6'1/200 | R/R | 2013 | Fremont HS
Aggressive and savvy, runs well, understands game, gap power

Fraser, Mark | 3B | 6'3/195 | R/R | 2015 | Valley Christian HS
Big frame, strong, hits with power, moves well at 3B

Fredricks, Ryan | C | 6/170 | R/R | 2013 | Christopher HS
Received well, throws on line, 2.0 pop times, easy load, inside out swing, oppo approach, controls tempo of the game

Yinguez, Alex | OF | 5'8/155 | L/R | 2014 | Bellarmine College Prep
Athletic, big bursts of speed, plays hard, smooth swing through the zone, great middle approach

North County Padres

Casebier, Kyle | 1B/OF | 6'3/190 | R/R | 2014 | San Marcos HS
Tall, strong, long levers, muscular, upright athletic, slighty open stance, shows plus strength to and through contact, centers with consistency with a line drive approach

Donato, Conor | RHP | 6'1/185 | R/R | 2014 | San Marcos HS
Tall, lean, pitcher body, smooth delivery, strike thrower, good breaking pitch, at the plate, open stance with gap to gap power

On Deck Baseball Academy

Allen, Eric | OF | 5'10/160 | R/R | 2013 | Rancho HS (NV)
Thin, wiry, sub 6.5 runner with explosive strides, defensively shows big league range with outstanding reads off the bat, quick hands, good contact, line drive approach, good hustle, outstanding base stealer with great jumps

Bahr, Brennan | LHP | 6'5/210 | L/L | 2013 | Cimarron HS (NV)
Tall, lanky, clean arm stroke, good extension, 81-84mph, stays on top, some tilt, late run

Harvey, Lamont | OF | 6/190 | R/R | 2013 | Cheyenne HS (NV)
Very lean, athletic, ripped, high rear, athletic stance, quick hands, good power, line drive approach to all fields, great baseball instincts, covers ground well, natural actions, and a solid glove

McAninch, Tanner | RHP | 6'4/215 | R/R | 2013 | Cimarron HS (NV)
Good build, throws heavy ball, works up in the zone, gets on top with multi-plane action, 83-86mph

Robbins, Gerald | OF | 6/155 | R/R | 2013 | Cimarron HS (NV)
Great physique, long lean levers, high rear, creates good bat whip, balanced middle line drive approach, very good barrel accuracy, gap to homerun power, good plate discipline, strides well around the bases, shows great speed

Placentia Mustangs

Cullen, Hunter | OF | L/L | 2013 | Corona del Mar HS
Athletic, good balance, good rhythm, good pre-pitch, good routes and angles in the outfield, runs well, home run power, good speed around bases

Fuchs, Michael | SS | R/R | 2014 | Beckman HS
Solid frame, good speed, gap to gap hitter, good glove

Gomez, Justin | C/1B | L/R | 2015 | Bonita HS
Big body, quick hands, good bat whip, plate discipline, good receiver behind the plate, able to drive the ball where its pitched, easy transfer and good release, good extension, Adam Dunn comp

Guzman, Adrian | SS | R/R | 2013 | Nogales HS
Wiry, athletic, good approach at the plate, balanced, short compact stroke, quick hands, smooth defensive actions, active feet, life in body

Hopkins, JP | OF | R/R | 2014 | Chino Hills HS
Very good barrel accuracy, pull gap power, good hand eye coordination

Rawlings Prospects

Bertoncini, Donovan | RHP | R/R | 2014 | Madera South HS
Strong lower half, repeatable delivery, throws heavy ball, pitches to both sides of the plate, 84-86mph

Funk, Christian | RHP | R/R | 2014 | Clovis West HS
Broad shoulders, strong lower half, 3/4 arm slot, late life, heavy ball, controlled both sides of the plate, 82-85mph, sharp curveball

San Diego Game Face

Garcia, Jorge | C/1B | 6'1/220 | R/R | 2014 | Helix Charter HS
Big body, strong lower half, 2.05 - 2.15 pop times, drives ball all over the field, good movement at 1Bsoft hands

Hartman, Matt | 1B | 6'3/180 | R/R | R/R | 2014 | Calvary Christian HS
Tall, lanky, athletic, good base, gap to gap power

Morgan, Clay | RHP | 6'5/190 | R/R | 2013 | San Pasqual HS
Max effort pitcher, low to mid 80's fastball, good change, projectable frame, fields position well

Sandoval, Brandon | C/OF | 6'1/170 | R/R | 2013 | Fallbrook HS
Athletic build, runs very well, compact swing with high finish, stays through the zone, flashes good power

Wezniak, Matt | 1B/LHP | 6'1/190 | L/L | 2014 | Carlsbad HS
Tall, strong, sure hands, good feet, square to target, quiet load, great bat path, direct to the ball, good rotation, power, Robinson Cano type swing

San Diego Gamers Blue

Byrd, Nick | SS | 5'11/150 | R/R | 2014 | Vista HS
Thin, wiry, active feet, good hands, balance at the plate, short compact swing, can run, hustles, gamers, baseball instincts

Nobiensky, Shane | C | 5'9/170 | L/R | Helix Charter HS
Well built, great presence, balanced and controlled at the plate, line drive gap power, aggressive with runners on, receives and throws well, shows good leadership,

San Diego Gamers Green

Perry, Tanner | SS | 5'9/160 | R/R | 2014 | Steele Canyon HS
Lean body, clean actions, balanced approach to all fields, good bat speed, line drive gap power, flashes range, very good glove skills, accurate arm

So Cal Birds Orange

Bourgouin, Curtis | RHP | S/R | 2013
Great composure on the mound, quick to the plate, works quick, good movement, keeps ball down, easy delivery

Buis, Turner | INF | L/R | 2014
Good range in the middle, quiet approach at the plate, oppo power, runs well, good baseball instincts

Conley, Brian | RHP | S/R | 2014
Heavy fastball, ground ball pitcher, good mound presence

Martinez, Ryon | OF | L./L | 2014
Great speed and covers a lot of ground, high load, open stance, quick hands, shows gap to gap power

Ruff, Matt | RHP | R/R | 2014
Athletic, good life on fastball, great tempo, sharp curveball, good off speed, uses same arm speed

Taylor, Ryan | C | L/R | 2014
Blocks well, frames and receives well, 2.1 pop time, aggressive with runners on, free and easy swing, very fluid, drives the ball

Veronese, Matt | OF | R/R | 2014
Very good pullside power, great runner, solid base and strong lower half

So Cal Birds White

Lohr, Stephen | 3B/1B | R/R | 2013
Strong, athletic build, upright, tall, athletic stance with free hands, pull gap approach with fence power, tracks ball well with good balance, hands are level through hitting zone, good speed and baseball instincts

Menendez, Bryan | 3B | R/R | 2014
Big, broad, ripped, efficient footwork, quick transfer, quick release with short arm stroke, 1.96 - 2.09 pop times, solid target, firm glove, good inside out hands, creates great back spin and uses lower half with efficiency, showed plus fence power to the middle of the field, hits through contact well

Reinhardt, Brad | 3B | R/R | 2013
Big, physical, strong, loose hands at the plate, fence power to all fields, good barrel accuracy

Tominaga, Davis | RHP | L/R | 2013 | Mater Dei HS
Tall, slender, has plus levers, good tempo on the mound, good feel for all pitches, 86-89mph, good rotation on breaking ball, tight rotation and slight break on slider, slight sink on change-up

So Cal Bombers 2013 Red

Cabral, Edgar | C/RHP | 5'9/180 | R/R | 2013 | Pete Knight HS
Stocky, strong, 2.02 - 2.13 pop times, strong arm, quick feet, good lateral movement, agile, good base, good load, gap power, 83-86mph

Lanphers, Luke | RHP | 6'3/170 | R/R | 2013 | Citrus Valley HS
Athletic, high rear, 86 - 88mph, good arm side run, max effort, sharp slider, good extension, uses lower half well, in line, good body language

White, Cody | 3B/OF | 6'2/190 | R/R | 2013 | Hemet HS
Big frame, strong lower half, balanced at the plate, opposite field homerun power

So Cal Bombers 2014

Orndorff, David | RHP | 6'4/185 | R/R | 2014 | Pasadena Poly HS
Tall, lean, projectable frame, works down well, good tempo and mound presence, low 80's fastball, loose delivery, good arm speed, easy arm action

Rodriguez, Alec | OF | 5'8/150 | S/R | 2014 | St. John Bosco HS
Great speed and range in the outfield, compact load, quick hands, good baseball instincts

So Cal Cardinals

Riley, Cody | 3B | 5'9/150 | R/R | 2015 | Garces Memorial HS
Good first step at 3B, stays low through the ball, good angles, uses legs to throw, good pre-pitch, good glove extension

So Cal Cubs

Liebenson, Zach | C | 5'8/140 | R/R | 2014 | Palisades HS
Athletic, quick feet behind the plate, gains ground and stays through throws, body is in line and his throws are online with a quick transfer

So Cal Mavericks

Groh, David | 3B | R/R | 2013 | Chaparral HS
Tall, strong, athletic, strong arm, good footwork, good range, good launch position, smooth rhythm, pullside power

Hermanson, Andrew | SS | R/R | 2013 | Great Oak HS
Good frame, nice easy swing, gap power, smooth actions at SS, can run

Martin, Cody, | C | S/R | 2014 | Murrieta Valley HS
Athletic build, quick release, soft hands, quick feet, good carry, pullside gap power, hands work inside, good extension

Vargas, Chris | RHP | R/R | 2013 | Villa Park HS
Tall, physical, easy, 88-90mph, clean arm stroke, stays on top, in line with target

So Cal Premier

Charlton, Tyler | RHP | 5'10/135 | R/R | 2015 | Santiago HS
Controls the inner half, good velocity, good quick move, holds runners close, fields position well,

Cottone, Nicko | LHP | 5'10/145 | L/L | 2015 | Murrieta Valley HS
Tall, lanky, good control of all pitches, knows how to change speeds and eye levels, loose body and arm, good arm speed on off speed pitches

Rubio, Daniel | 1B | 5'10/155 | L/L | Chaparral HS
Shows good pull, oppo power, centered ball all three at bats, good bat angle, good bat speed and extension

Saenz, Kyle | INF | 5'10/165 | R/R | 2014 | Chaparral HS
Good bat speed, uses hands inside the ball well, uses hips through the zone, gap to homerun power, great speed on bases

So Cal Select

Solid approach at the plate, pullside power with quick wrists, stays inside well, strong lower half with balance

Baker, Justin | 3B | 5'11/185 | R/R | 2013 | Point Loma HS
Athletic build, soft hands, great lateral movement, great footwork, good approach to the ball, good arm and smooth easy swing, very balanced on plane

Brown, Andrew | SS | 6'3/195 | R/R | 2013 | Rock Academy HS
Great ranger, easy load, power to all fields, runs well

Da Luz, Joe | SS | 5'9/170 | R/R | 2014 | 2014 | Point Loma HS
Athletic, loose actions, active feet and ability to create good throwing angles, good baseball instincts, makes it looks easy

Howard, Tre | LHP | 5'9/185 | L/L | 2013 | Point LOma HS
Late life on fastball, works well out of stretch, good movement on breaking pitch

So Cal Victory

Jorgenson, Hayden | RHP | 6'1/175 | R/R | 2014 | Ontario Christian HS
Tall, strong, Smooth actions and arm stroke, good tempo and mound presence, loose actions, 78 - 82mph, uses both sides of the plate well, elevates, 8K's over 5 innings


#20 - RHP
Tall, good arm speed, balanced, in line, 84-86mph, sharp breaking ball, keeps hitters off balance

Good setup, balanced approach, quick hands, homerun power,

#59 - LHP
Lean frame, quick to the plate, max effort, Johan Santana type delivery, good pick move,


#35 - SS
Mature body, good pull side power, plus arm strength, projects at 3B

#37 - C
Athletic, quick feet, smooth transfer and release, stays on line with throws, quick hands at the plate, stays inside well, good speed on bases

#42 - RHP
Pitcher body, works bottom on the zone, good angle, stays on top of all pitches, good multi plane action, works at good pace, shows good mound presence

#44 - 2B
Good baseball actions, loose athletic body, gets down the line well, balanced through swing, uses the whole field, sure hands, smooth transfer, active feet

Team APS

Carney, Nick | 1B | 5'11/230 | R/R | 2013 | Amador Valley HS
Thick, good strength, flashes athleticism, short stroke, inside approach with good extension, shows good oppo power with loft

Sprugasci, Josh | OF | 5'11/170 | R/R | 2013 | Livermore HS
Good athletic body, good accuracy and solid carry on throws, plus range with good first step, has easy natural, line drive power with good barrel accuracy, strength in wrists


#2 - SS
Projects at 3B, room to add size, average speed with a plus arm, solid middle approach from left side, gap power, good balance and extension through his finish

#21 - C
Quiet, small target behind the plate, quick feet after the catch, short transfer and release, athletic to his feet, body stays in line to 2B, pop times 2.12

Pearce, Jordan | 3B | 6'1/200 | L/R | 2014 | El Camino HS
Tall, solid, strong hands, quick barrel, pullside power, soft hands, active feet, good glove extension,good carry on throws

Trombly Baseball Blue

Cullinan, Colin | RHP | 2015 | El Dorado HS
Good velocity., moves well, good athlete, easy delivery, good off-speed, works down and fast,

Fuhrman, Ryan | C | 2013 | PV Peninsula HS
Balanced, strong stance, great bat path, quick hands through the zone, sits low behind the plate, 1.96 pop time

Lamp, Reilly | LHP/1B | 2015 | Esperanza HS
Athletic, wiry frame, strong through the zone, projectable frame, high load and finish

Trombly Baseball Red

Miranda, David | OF | 2013 | Valencia HS
Wiry, athletic, good jumps, good angles, good range, simple load, runs well, line drive approach

Sanchez, David | 1B | 2014 | Loara HS
Broad shoulders, strong, good base, hands work inside, gap to homerun power, good extension, good footwork around the bag

VBA Hornets

Flores, Isaiah | 2B | 5'10/165 | R/R | 2014 | Hemet HS
Prototype 2B, athletic, quick first step, made great tough diving plays, accurate double play feeds, tracks the ball well, short, compact stroke with power to the opposite field

Necochea, Anthony | OF | 5'11/165 | L/L | 2013 | Hemet HS
Thin, strong, barreled with accuracy to all fields, showed fence homerun power

West Coast Clippers

Arbet, Trae | SS | R/R | 2013 | Great Oak HS
Pro body, athletic, advanced actions, plus arm strength, good range, good bat bat speed

Koch, Brandon | RHP | 6'3/206 | R/R | 2014 | Temecula Valley HS
Strong pitcher body, life in arm, good depth on breaking ball with consistent arm speed, 84-86mph

Morton, Jared | 3B | 5'9/170 | R/R | 2014 | Temecula Valley HS
Fit, athletic with active feet, solid glove skills, short loose arm, plus carry with accuracy, balanced and good barrel accuracy, lets the ball get deep, inside out stroke with power through the oppo gap, bat path is on plane with good extension

Wegman, Brad | RHP | 6'5/190 | R/R | 2014 | Great Oak HS
Big, strong, physical, quick arm, smooth delivery, good balance, quiet head, direct, aggressive, 88-89mph

Wezniak, Matt | LHP | 6'1/190 | L/L | 2014 | Carlsbad HS
Thick, some arm strength, 81-84mph, short quick arm stroke, works down in the zone, good fastball control, sweeping slider, with good depth and sharp lateral break

West Coast Rangers

Hogan, Wyatt | 3B | 5'11/205 | R/R | 2013 | Simi Valley HS
Thick, strong, barrel up, balanced, good setup, middle to opposite field approach