Showcase Your Skills...

2021 Baseball Factory's National Texas Showcase

2022 - 2023 Graduates

Monday, June 28, 2021

John Paul II High School | Plano, Texas

ASB practice facilities


Showcase Registration Fee - $299 per player and includes:

THE OPPORTUNITY: Top players nationwide have been chosen for each of the regional Under Armour Baseball Factory Showcases. Players will get to play in front of a large contingent of scouts, major college baseball programs, and other baseball decision-makers.

All players will go through the 60-yard dash, batting practice, a defensive workout, and will play two showcase games.  Baseball Factory's Team One was founded on the principle that showcasing players should take place on ONE field in order to maximize player exposure for every coach and scout.  Time spent traveling from field to field wastes time and takes the coach’s eyes off of the players. 

We have created the perfect setting for showcasing the region’s top rising prospects.  The Under Armour Baseball Factory Showcases have been attended by numerous colleges, universities, and MLB organizations.

PERSONAL WEB PAGE:  Video footage and written scouting report of your performance and your personal contact information will be placed on a Personal Player Web Page created by Baseball Factory's Team One for you.  You can email the web link to any coach or scout in the country to get instant feedback. With this feature, coaches and scouts that cannot attend the showcase will still be able to recruit you by reviewing your video footage.  This is added exposure to help increase your college and pro options at the next level.

Your profile, video footage, and scouting report will be placed on the Baseball Factory's Recruiter’s Database.  This database is accessed daily by college coaches and professional scouts.  Coaches and scouts use this database to search for players and review their video footage and profile.  In fact, over the past six months 1,100 college coaches spent over 350 combined hours reviewing over 23,000 player profiles and videos.  This is where coaches and scouts go to “Point, Click & Recruit!”

TOP PLAYER RECOGNITION:  Top performers from the event will have their player profiles posted on the event web sites, providing select players with additional exposure.

THE FUTURE:  All Under Armour Baseball Factory Showcases prospects will be strongly considered for selection to the Under Armour All-America Game, powered by Baseball Factory.  The Under Armour All-America Game is played yearly at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois.  The game was telecast live on the MLB Network and was attended by over 90 MLB Scouting Directors, National Cross-checkers and Head Coaches from top college programs.