2022 BF Southwest Championships 15U - Officially Registered Teams
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** Teams appearing as an Officially Registered Team, have secured a deposit for the event. If you do not see your team listed, please contact Team One Staff info@teamonebaseball.com

Various HS & College Fields | Southern California

July 15 - 18, 2022

15U Division/2025 Grads and Younger
Team Name City ST
California Armada Azusa CA
California Bucs Calabasas CA
CBA American Ontario CA
CBA Bears Cypress CA
CBA Bulldogs Ontario CA
CBA Marlins Madera CA
Central Valley Naturals Bakersfield CA
Easton Prime Navy Highland CA
Easton Prime Desert Palm Desert CA
GBG Blue 2025 Manhattan Beach CA
GBG Navy 2025 Manhattan Beach CA
GBG San Diego San Diego CA
JG Baseball 2025 Rancho Cucamonga CA
JG Baseball 2025 Prospects Rancho Cucagmonga CA
NC Valley Baseball 15 Modesto CA
OC Sportz Hub Orange County CA
Playa Vista Orioles Select Los Angeles CA
SGV Arsenal West Covina CA
SGV Arsenal Black West Covina CA
So Cal Birds Black Corona CA
So Cal Birds Orange Corona CA
TB So Cal Quakes 2025 Los Angeles CA
The Lot Eveland Palmdale CA
Trosky Redbirds San Diego CA
West Coast A's San Diego CA

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Participating Teams
2020 (cancelled due to COVID)