2021 BF Best of the West - Officially Registered Teams
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Race Gardner
Team One Baseball

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** Teams appearing as an Officially Registered Team, have secured a deposit for the event. If you do not see your team listed, please contact Team One Staff info@teamonebaseball.com

Orange Country Great Park

October 29, 2021 - October 31, 2021

Team Name City ST
Beach City Prospects El Segundo CA
Blue Wave Athletics Olympia WA
California Bucs Underclass Calabasas CA
Costa Mesa Mayhem Costa Mesa CA
Next Level Athletics Murrieta CA
Riverside Punishers Riverside CA
So Cal Black Aces Irvine CA
Trosky American 2024 Statewide CA
Tustin Scorpions Tustin CA
Whitecaps Baseball Academy 16U San Juan Capistrano CA
Team Name City ST
310 Baseball Redondo Beach CA
AV Bulldogs Palmdale CA
California Bucs Calabasas CA
California Bucs 2023 Calabasas CA
College Park Knights San Jose CA
College Park 18U Santa Clara CA
Monarchs Baseball South Scottsdale AZ
Monarchs Baseball West Scottsdale AZ
MVP Red Sox Newbury Park CA
Pico Rivera Baseball Academy Pico Rivera CA
Redlands Bulldogs Red Redlands CA
So Cal Dukes Scout Tujunga CA
USA Prime Clippers SD Winchester CA
Wahoos Baseball Academy Encino CA

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Participating Teams
2020 (Event cancelled due to COVID)