2017 Under Armour Classic - Official Rules
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Justin Roswell
Team One Baseball

Under Armour Classic - Official Rules:

Games: ALL teams will play the allotted number of tournament games, weather permitting.

Rosters: Your roster may not exceed 20 players.

Roster Changes: Final rosters need to be submitted no later than June 16, 2017.

Game Rules: National Federation Safety rules will be enforced. Playing rules are National Federation Rules with Local modifications.

Game Length/Mercy Rule: Games shall be seven (7) innings in length or two and a half hours, whichever comes first. If a team is losing by 10 or more runs after having batting in at least five innings, the game is ended at that point.

Pool Play: All Pool Play games will be played with a strict two and a half hour time limit. No inning can start after two and a half hours. Time will be kept by the home plate umpire. For each team's pool games the home team will be predetermined. All pool games that are tied after 7 innings or the two and a half hour time limit will be recorded a tie. No new innings will start after two and a half hours. A tie is equal to a ½ win and ½ loss for each team.

Championship Round/Playoffs: Two and a half hour time limit will be used in all games except the Championship games. The home team in Semifinals will be the #1 seed. The home team in the Championship game will be decided by a coin flip. If the score is still tied after eight (8) innings a player will be placed at second base (last out from previous inning) with no outs to start the 9th inning.

In case of rain: All rain out games may not be made up depending on time constraints. In case of scheduling changes it is the team's responsibility, not the tournament committee, to make sure they are aware of the new schedule or any scheduling changes. This information will be posted at the site and tournament webpage when it becomes available. Note: No special requests will be honored if rescheduling becomes necessary. All coaches should make sure they have the tournament phone numbers to call for information.

Break in Play: If a game is stopped, the game must start within 1 hour of the stop in play. If games are not resumed, they will become suspended or called official. Games called by umpires that cannot be resumed within 1 hour will be considered an official game, if 5 innings have been completed, or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead. After 5 complete innings, the score will revert back to the last full inning of play after 4 1/2 innings played.. The tournament director can extend the 1 hour if there are extenuating circumstances, i.e. lightning detector, working on fields, etc. A suspended game will resume where the game was halted. In the event play is stopped for any reason before or during the Championship round, first place, second place, third place, etc. will be awarded based on Seeding and Tie Breaker Rules. We will make ever effort to play all games in full.

Scoring: We recommend that all teams (home and visitor) keep a scorebook. The actual score will be kept by the home plate umpire.

Bat Specifications: Players may use BBCOR, WOOD or WOOD COMPOSITE bats.

Pitching: The UA Classic will strictly adhere to MLB's Pitch Smart Guidelines. Pitch Smart Guidelines


Daily Max (Pitches in Game)

Required Rest (Pitches)



0 Days

1 Days

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days























13. Hitting lineup: Can consist of 9, 10, or 11 batters. The lineup must stay with the same number of batters for the entire game. The 10th and 11th hitter if used will be designated as an EH and XH on the lineup card. The EH and XH is the same as any position on the field as far as substitutions are concerned. The starting pitcher is allowed to DH for himself. You may utilize an (EH) extra hitter and (DH) designated hitter in your lineup.


14. Runners: Courtesy runner for both the pitcher and the catcher may be used at any time. Courtesy runner has to be someone not presently in the line-up. The same player cannot run for both the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.


15. Clean out your dugout immediately after your game is complete.


16. Game Balls are provided but you must PLEASE have your players and parents chase foul balls.


17. NO SOFT TOSS into fencing. Batting Cages are open for your use. All players must wear a batting helmet while hitting AND pitching. Cleats are not permitted in covered batting cages.


18. First and Third Base coaches must wear a skull cap or batting helmet while on field.


19. Any participant (player, coach, spectator, etc.) ejected from a game shall have the circumstances of his/her ejection reviewed by the Tournament Director, Site Supervisor, and Chief Umpire. A decision will then be made what additional penalty, if any, shall be applied to that person. The additional penalty may include suspension from a subsequent game(s) or suspension from the tournament all together.


20. Tie Breakers Within Pools

    1. Win-loss record

    2. Head to Head winner

    3. If three teams are tied – If one team has defeated both other teams, that team advances. If not go to #4.

    4. Run differential 

    5. Total runs allowed in pool play.

    6. Coin flip


21. Not covered in the Rules: In the event any item is not covered in the rules, the tournament committee will make the fairest possible ruling and that ruling will be final!