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* PLEASE NOTE:  Players that are written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) or skill(s).  While we do not keep stats, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. 





Anthony Makarewicz - MIF | 5-8/150 | R/R | 2014 | Lake Brantley (FL) HS
Talented offensive player with advanced hitting approach and a knack for hard contact. Short quick stroke, line drive spray type hitter with barrel accuracy. Had numerous quality at bats, including several against quality arms. 


Daniel Casals - MIF | 5-11/150 | R/R | 2015 | Southwest (FL) HS
Athletic slender build. Patient hitting approach, hands work with life through hitting zone. Showed extra base power. Smooth defensive actions, feet worked to ball and through release.

Reuben Pino - C/1B | 6-1/165 | R/R | 2014 | Terra (FL) HS
Lean athletic buid with room to fill out. Showed quick hands to hit along with power potential at the plate. Showed arm strength behind the plate, room for continued development behind the plate. Good runner. 

Reynaldo Pastrana - C | 5-11/175 | R/R | 2015 | Southwest (FL) HS
Sound defensive catcher with arm strength. Hands worked at the plate, had quickness to contact and ability to hit the ball to all fields. Solid frame, room to fill out. 


David Peterson - LHP/1B | 6-6/205 | L/L | 2014 | Regis Jesuit (CO) HS
Fastball 84-88 with arm side tail from 3/4 slot. Low 70s breaking ball with three quarters action. Arm worked easy out front. Room for improved command with better rhythm and sequence to delivery.

Philip Scott - OF | 5-11/155 | L/L | 2013 | Paulsboro (NJ) HS
Athletic look, runner body. Showed excellent range in the OF, ran numerous balls down and showed plenty of arm strength. Showed bat speed at the plate, along with disciplined approach. Has strength to swing, flashed power. 


Brandon Swass - MIF | R/R | 2013 | Summit Christian (FL) HS
Talented all around player, spark plug type. Short compact stroke, line drive type hitter with barrel accuracy. Feet worked defensively, showed lateral range and sure hands. Runs very well. 


Baziel Cabrera - 3B | 5-10/180 | R/R | 2013 | Lakeland (FL) HS
Physically gifted hitter. Aggressive hitter with electric bat speed and ability to drive the ball with authority. Solid strong build. Hands worked defensively, showed body control and compact arm action.

Ben Andress - OF | 6-0/150 | L/R | 2015 | Lakeland Christian (FL) HS
Tall, lean athletic build with room to fill out. Balanced hitting approach, loose left handed swing with leverage. Long and fluid running stride. Projectable power with physical maturity.

Rafael Bournigal - 2B | 5-11/170 | L/R | 2013 | Lakeland Christian (FL) HS
Showed rhythm to hit, simple left handed stroke. Hands worked with looseness and fluidity to the zone. Solid defensive actions. Athletic, well proportioned build. Good running stride. 


Laz Rivera - SS | 6-1/170 | R/R | 2013 | Columbus (FL) HS | Univ. of Miami commit
Athletic and agile defender at SS. Showed loose actions, lateral quickness and body control. Off balance throw still had easy carry across infield. Solid hitting approach, balanced with simple and repeatable swing. Hands worked, used whole field. Life to run stride. 

Cris Perez - C | 6-3/190 | R/R | 2013 | Columbus (FL) HS
Solid strong frame. Sat well behind the plate to receive, showed clean release along with arm strength for effective catch and throw skills. Excellent presence in batters box, showed standout raw power.

Nelson Mompierre - C | 6-0/180 | L/R | 2014 | Columbus (FL) HS
Quick twitch actions behind the plate, athletic defender with arm strength. Quick hands to hit, slight open stance, power to pull side. Lean, athletic frame.

Bryan Garcia - RHP | R/R | 6-1/200 | 2013 | Columbus (FL) HS | Univ. of Miami commit
Long limbed right hander with width in frame, room to fill out. Arm worked out front, generated fastball 84-88 with arm side life. Curve had down action with some depth in the low 70s, showed SL a little later in outing with solid action in the upper 70s. 


Willie Fabra - 1B | 6-1/195 | R/R | 2013 | Belen Jesuit (FL) HS
Big physical kid, has present strength. Solid hitting approach gives him usable power. Knack for hard contact, ball came off his bat different than others. Showed ability to drive both gaps. Standout offensive player.

Dean Garabedian - MIF | 5-11/165 | R/R |  2013 | Archbishop Coleman Carroll (FL) HS
Wiry athletic body. Sure handed defender with good actions, showed life in arm. Has feel for the game defensively. Aggressive at the plate, line drive approach with barrel accuracy. Above average runner, aggressive on the bases. 


Vincent Lucero - 3B | L/R | 2013 | Port St. Lucie, FL
Solid strong build. Left handed line drive hitter with power to gaps, showed barrel accuracy and ability to use the whole field. 


Alex Spencer - 3B | L/R | 2013 | Port St. Lucie, FL 
Solid left handed hitting approach. Let the ball travel deep, kept hands back on off speed pitches. Hands worked on a short path to contact, worked quick through the ball. Ability to hit to all fields. 

John Baida - C | R/R | 2013 | Port St. Lucie, FL
Medium build with strength. Short quick stroke, showed power to opposite field. Showed speed running the bases on extra base hit. 

Tyler Bauman - LHP | 2014 | Jenses Beach (FL) HS
Fastball up to 87 with arm side tail, sat 83-85. Saw some breaking balls with depth to 1-8 action, has arm speed and looseness out front. Athletic delivery.


Brady Acker - RHP | 6-3/175 | R/R | 2014 | Taravella (FL) HS
Long lean frame. Athletic delivery, arm worked well from glove and out front. Fastball up to 82 with some arm side run. Spun tight 11-5 curve in the upper 60s, also saw shorter breaking slider. Projectable velocity with physical maturity, and from looseness and quickness in arm. 

Colton Eremian - MIF | 5-9/160 | R/R | 2015 | Boca (FL) HS
Short compact stroke with bat speed. Ball got off his bat with life. Athletic build, looked bigger than listed on roster.


Rodney Smith - OF/SS | 6-0/190 | R/R | 2014 | Mundys Mill (GA) HS
Talented athlete and all around player. Excellent runner. Showed rhythm to hit along with bat speed and strength at the plate. Capable defensive SS that appears to fit better in CF, has arm strength.

Trey Rittenhouse - OF | 5-9/135 | R/R | 2014 | Eagles Landing Christian Academy (GA)
Instinctual outfielder. Well above average foot speed, gets down the line well. Contact type hitter, approach allows him to put the ball in play and use his speed. 


Raheem Jackson - OF | 5-8/160 | R/R | 2013 | Mundys Mill (GA) HS 
Sparkplug type player with standout speed on the bases. Quick hands to hit, contact type hitter. Ball jumps off bat. Showed strong accurate arm from the outfield. 

Mikail Nettles - OF | 5-9/185 | R/R | 2013 | Fayette County (GA) HS
Talented hitter with good approach and good hands to hit. Hands stayed back on off speed, line drive stroke. Showed arm strength from OF and speed on the bases.


David Lanster - C/SS | 5-11/165 | R/R | 2015 | Ransom (FL) HS
Athletic build, look of a runner. Showed speed running bases. Generated bat speed at the plate, swing was loose and barrel accelerated through contact. Quick feet to throw behind the plate, solid exchange and arm strength. 

Xander Mason - OF/C | 5-10/175 | R/R | 2014 | Gulliver Prep (FL) HS
Talented offensive player with quality hitting approach and athletic ability. Showed plate discipline along with ability to generate bat speed through hitting zone. Fluid run stride, showed speed on the bases.


Brent Diaz - C | R/R | 2014 | Gulliver Prep (FL) HS
Showed rhythm to hit with quiet actions in the box. Swing was full through contact with looseness and strength. Has extra base power. Sits well behind the plate, received well, hands worked. Throws had carry.

Brandon Chinea - SS | 5-9/165 | R/R | 2016 | Gulliver Prep (FL) HS
Athletic and talented defensive infielder. Moved well laterally to complete plays up the middle and to backhand side, showed ability to make strong off balance throw to complete slow roller play. Aggressive hitting approach, bat has life. Good run stride, has speed. 

Oscar Marchena - MIF | R/R | 2015 | Gulliver Prep (FL) HS
Athletic live body. Patient hitting approach, showed plate discipline. Short quick swing, line drive type hitter. Showed range up the middle and to hole, along with ability to complete plays from multiple arm angles. Usable speed on bases. 

Evan Kravetz - LHP | L/L | 2015 | Gulliver Prep (FL) HS
Tall and lean frame with width in shoulders. Command of mid 70s fastball. Worked quick, threw strikes. Usable CH and CB. Arm worked from glove, balanced delivery. Projectable velocity with physical maturity and improved extension and finish down the mound. 


Ryan Mountcastle - 3B | 6-2/165 | R/R | 2015 | Hagerty (FL) HS
Lean athletic frame with room to fill out. Balanced, quiet, comfortable hitting approach, showed good barrel accuracy. Solid defender at 3B with easy arm stroke.

Tevin Symonette - OF | 6-0/190 | R/R | 2014 | Mout Dora Bible (FL) HS
Phyiscal player with present strength, athletic build. Hands worked to hit, bat got through zone with speed and life. Has power potential.

Joshua Wicker - RHP | 6-2/180 | R/R | 2014 | Winter Park (FL) HS
Long lean build, room to fill out and add strength. Arm worked. Fastball 82-85. Spun solid breaking pitch.

Eric Birklund - RHP | 6-3/195 | R/R | 2013 | Lake Minneola (FL) HS
Tall and long frame. Arm worked easy, solid delivery. Fastball had down plane from higher arm angle, topped 85, sat 83-84. Breaking ball in low to mid 70s with solid rotation and action.

Evan Harold - OF | 5-11/152 | R/R | 2015 | Apopka (FL) HS
Lean athletic frame. Line drive spray type hitter, solid hitting approach. Loose swing with quick and short move to contact. 

Mitch Allen - MIF | 5-9/175 | R/R | 2013 | Winter Park (FL) HS
Has strength on medium frame. Showed plate discipline and strike zone knowledge, kept hands back on off speed and battled through several at bats. Baseball player type with solid defensive skills in the infield.  


Mack Lemiuex - LHP/1B | 6-2/165 | L/L | 2015 | Jupiter (FL) HS
Long and lanky frame. Fastball upper 70s with arm side tail, touched 80. Worked quick, threw a lot of strikes with fastball, kept ball down in zone. Upper 60s breaking ball was second pitch, saw only a couple CH. Projectable velocity with physical maturity and improved use of lower half in delivery.


Dominic Mercurio - SS/3B | 6-1/165 | R/R | 2014 | Kings Academy (FL)
Wiry build with square shoulders, room to fill out. Fluid and easy defensive actions, moved well and showed ability to catch and throw. Quiet actions to hit, loose swing with full move through contact. Looks like the game comes easy to him. 

Alex Aristy - OF | 6-1/175 | R/R | 2014 | Seminole Ridge (FL) HS
Athletic frame with room for added strength. Hands and barrel work to contact, ball jumps off bat. Flat stroke, cut balls in half to produce carry, has usable power. Fluid run stride with apparent speed. 


Hunter Sanicky - SS | R/R | 2015 | Palm Beach Gardens (FL) HS
Talented all around player with four usable tools. Advanced catch and throw skills at SS, actions are fluid and easy. Carries throws across infield. Stroke is short and quick to contact, able to accelerate barrel through hitting zone. 

James Vaughn - 1B/3B | R/R | 2016 | Kings Academy (FL)
Tall and slender frame. Hands work to hit, has knack for delivering barrel to contact. Line drive hitter from gap to gap. Solid defensive actions at 1B.

Casey Krance - CF | R/R | 2014 | Kings Academy (FL)
Stance and actions in box resemble Andruw Jones. Hands and barrel worked well to contact, swing had looseness and life through hitting zone.


Hunter Hope 
- SS | R/R | 2013 | Dwyer (FL) HS 
Physical and athletic player with strength and life in actions to hit and field. Aggressive hitter with bat speed and strength to produce power. Moves well in the infield, showed quick transfer and excellent arm strength. 

Scott Handler - RHP | R/R | 2013 | Dwyer (FL) HS
Fastball 83-86, touched 88. Breaking ball had sharp 11-5 action in the low 70s. Strike thrower with repeatable delivery. Showed ability to field his position. 

Thomas Szapucki - LHP | L/L | 2015 | Dwyer (FL) HS
Fastball topped 86-88 with arm side tail. Breaking ball had tight spin with depth to break. Balanced delivery, arm worked from glove and out front. 


Ryan Berger - LHP/1B | 6-0/150 | L/L | 2014 | West Boca (FL) HS
Lean lanky frame. Fluid delivery, solid three pitch mix. Fastball 76-78 with tail, upper 60s breaking ball had some bit, turned over low 60s change. Showed some pop in his bat from a compact swng, good run stride with evidence of speed. 


Brendan Brundage 
- RHP/OF | R/R | 2015 | American Heritage HS | Coconut Creek, FL
Naturally talented and athletic. Usable speed on the bases and in outfield. Capable of playing all three OF spots. Line drive stroke, uses the whole field well. Has disciplined hitting approach.


Maximillian Sellers - 3B | 6-1/180 | R/R | 2013 | Eustis (FL) HS
Athletic strong build. Good presence in batters box, showed plate discipline along with loose swing. Hands worked quick to zone, drove through ball well, has power potential. Solid defensive actions with arm strength.


Will Hodges - OF | 5-10/175 | R/R | 2016 | Savannah Christian Prep (GA)
Talented offensive player. Showed bat speed and life in swing, line drive hitter with compact stroke and power to drive ball through gaps. 

Chris Bashior - C | 6-1/185 | R/R | 2016 | Savannah Christian Prep (GA)
Well proportioned, athletic frame. Sat well behind the plate, makings of catch and throw skills. Full move through zone with strength, showed power to straight away CF.


Ian Hagenmiller - 3B | 6-1/215 | R/R | 2013 | Palm Beach Central (FL) HS
Solid strong build. Powerful right handed stroke, loose and full move through the zone with leverage and strength. Hands work defensively, has body control, excellent arm strength.


Jose Crespo - 1B/3B | 5-9/175 | R/R | 2013 | Forest Hill (FL) HS
Aggressive hitter with quick hands and pop in bat. Showed good hands at 1B along with ability to move feet, appeared to have ample arm for 3B.


Brandon McCalla - 1B/OF | 6-2/185 | R/R | 2014 | Nova (FL) HS
Athletic frame with width and room to fill out. Strong setup to hit, quick hands to zone. Loose swing with ability to accelerate barrel and drive through contact. Fluid run stride with apparent speed. Projectable power with physical maturity. 

Max Balter - SS | R/R | 2013
Baseball player with usable ability. Fluid defensive actions with clean transfer and easy arm strength. Balanced hitting approach, hands worked easy to zone. Short quick swing with extension through contact. Line drive hitter with ability to use the whole field. Saw evidence of speed on bases. 

Mac Hessney - IF/UT | 6-0/175 | R/R | 2013 | Western (FL) HS
Wide shoulders, projectable for future size and strength. Loose swing with extension and leverage. Showed some plate discipline. 

Alex Roberts - OF | 5-11/180 | R/R | 2013 | Community Christian (FL) HS
Top of the scale runner, used speed to impact games. Bunted for numerous hits, stole countless bases. Speed worked in OF, and he showed arm strength. Has room for continued development to hit, has bat speed to build on.

Andrew McCoy - OF | 6-2/165 | R/R | 2013 | Monsignor Pace (FL) HS
Thin waist, wide sloping shoulders, athletic wiry build. Got good reads in CF, showed speed to run balls down. Had some rhythm to hit, swing was loose and full through zone. 


Sebastian Diaz - MIF | 6-0/170 | R/R | 2013 | University (FL) HS
Short, compact swing. Quick to inner half, turns on ball well. Aggressive base runner with notable speed. Wiry athletic frame. 

Andrew Liberty - MIF | 5-9/165 | R/R | 2013 | Calvary Christian (FL) HS
Short, quick swing with gap power. Sure handed defender with lateral quickness and range. Standout runner. 

Luis Silverio - OF | 6-3/180 | R/R | 2013 | Douglas (FL) HS
Good bat path, goes other way very well. Seemed to hit well in situations. Great hands to the ball, stays within himself. Plus runner. Tall, long lanky athletic body.

Keith Oren - C | 6-2/170 | R/R | 2013 | Calvary Christian (FL) HS
Lean athletic frame. Catch and throw guy, throws had carry through the bag. Release times between 2.0 and 2.1. Some quickness in hands to hit, worked barrel through the zone. Let ball travel and drove back up the middle several times. 

Austin Kramer - RHP | 6-5/175 | R/R | 2013 | Douglas (FL) HS
Tall lanky frame. Fastball 78-81, touched 84. Had down plane with sink, induced a lot of ground balls. Pitched from 3/4 arm angle. Worked fast, had good tempo. Showed command of 67-69 breaking ball with 10-4 action. 


Diandre Amion - OF | 5-10/160 | L/L | 2015 | Miami Southridge (FL) HS
Wiry frame, high waist. Speed out of box, usable speed from left side of plate. Showed feel for the barrel, knack for solid contact. 


Patxi Arnaiz - 2B/3B | 5-10/130 | R/R | 2013 | Coral Reef (FL) HS
Baseball player type, usable offensive and defensive skills. Short quick right handed stroke, line drive approach with barrel accuracy. Excellent catch and throw skills defensively. Instinctual player.


Alex Pinero - 3B | 6-1/183 | R/R | 2013 | Coral Gables (FL) HS
Well proportioned frame, athletic build with some present strength. Life in swing, hands worked with speed through zone. Full move out front through zone. Solid defensive actions, hands worked well.

Juan Pimental - RHP | 6-3/190 | R/R | 2013 | Varela (FL) HS
Fastball 83-86 with heavy run and sink from 3/4 arm angle. Used CH as second pitch, had sink in low to mid 70s. Fastball around plate, had command of CH. Long and lean frame.


Diosvanny Boulet - 1B | 5-10/240 | R/R | 2013 | Brito (FL) HS
Comparable to a right handed David Ortiz. Balanced hitting approach, showed rhythm to hit along with knack for hard contact. Swing was loose and full through contact, showed power potential. 

Edgar Dominguez - OF | 5-11/180 | R/R | 2013 | Brito (FL) HS
Athletic build with present strength. Aggressive player all around, played with high energy. Showed speed on the bases, and got good reads in CF which allowed his speed to translate to range. Loose right handed swing with bat speed.


Ben Torres - OF | 6-2/155 | L/R | 2014 | Nova (FL) HS
Wiry frame, athletic build. Loose left handed stroke, hands worked well to and through zone. Fluid and easy running stride, showed speed on the bases.


Alex Rodriguez - 2B | 5-9/170 | R/R | 2013 | Nova (FL) HS
Moves well laterally, sure handed infielder. Line drive type hitter from gap to gap, showed extra base power. Aggressive on base paths, heads up player with usable speed. 


Brendon Lauer - RHPOF | 6-0/185 | R/R | 2015 | Summit Christian (FL) HS
Fastball 80-82 topped at 84, had slight arm side run. Downer type breaking ball, flashed good bite. Low effort, easy delivery and front side arm action. Room to improve consistency with cleaner backside arm action. Line drive spray hitter with good barrel accuracy. 

Colin Smith - 3B | 5-11/200 | R/R | 2015 | Summit Christian (FL) HS
Solid strong body, square shoulders. Talented and aggressive hitter with good hitting approach, lets ball travel and drives through it. Showed power potential. Solid arm across the infield. 

Phillip Sieli - 1B/RHP | 6-3/200 | R/R | 2015 | Wellington (FL) HS
Large frame, broad shoulders. Standout right handed raw power, has some rhythm and fluidity to hit. Solid defender with arm strength. Fastball 77-81, low 60s downer breaking ball. Balanced delivery, competed in strike zone.