2011 Under Armour Southwest Championships - Colleges & MLB Organizations in Attendance
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Justin Roswell
Team One Baseball

Colleges & Universities

Azusa Pacific University (3)
Cal Baptist University
Cal State Fullerton (2)
Cal State Los Angeles
Cal State Northridge
Citrus College (2)
Jacksonville University 
Long Beach State University (2)
Loyola Marymount University
Occidental College (3)
Pacifica College
Pepperdine University
Riverside City College (3)
San Diego State University
Stanford University
UC Cal Berkeley
UC Irvine
UC Santa Barbara (2)
University of Missouri
University of Pacific
University of Southern California (2)
Westmont College
Whittier College

MLB Organizations

Boston Red Sox
New York Mets (2)
Seattle Mariners (2)
St. Louis Cardinals
MLB Scouting Bureau (2)

*These colleges and scouts officially signed in with the Team One Baseball staff. Some had two or more representatives identified in parenthesis. Other colleges/scouts were there but did not officially check in.